Monday, February 20, 2012

Chocolate Frozen Layer Cake made from Biscuit

Chocolate Frozen Layer Cake made from Biscuit

4 packs glucose biscuits
400 g drinking chocolate
200 g cocoa powder
50 g coffee powder (optional)
200 g dry coconut powder
sugar to taste

Arrange glucose biscuits in a layer within a tray. Now mix cocoa powder and drinking chocolate (1:2) Add sugar to taste and form a paste with water.

Now spread this paste on the layer of biscuits. Sprinkle coconut powder on it
Now again form a layer of biscuits by dipping them in sugar over this chocolate covered layer, repeat the same steps. Add up to 4 or 5 layers of biscuits.

Then completely cover it with chocolate paste and garnish completely with coconut
powder. Keep it in freezer for an hour .The chocolate frozen cake is ready to serve.

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